With the expanded possibilities afforded to us by the support of the Adeptus Mechanicus, and the Archaeotech relics discovered so far, the following research endeavors are available to the Rogue Trader crew:

  • Mk3 J-Drive an upgrade on the Mk2 drive. Current score: 9 pts / 900 XP.
  • Gene-seed : A gene-seed found in Necron null-space. Completed.
  • Power Armor Battery Pack : Allows use of power armor for longer periods. 1pt / 100XP.

Rules: To be confirmed. The chief Engine-seer can roll for each project once per session if he wishes. Threshold for each roll is his Tech-use bonus, +20 for the Laboratorium, aboard his ship +1 per 100 XP spent by the Explorers on this project.

Fate re-rolls are not allowed. If the roll is successful, the project has been developed. If not, the project XP pool is halved.

XP donated on research projects counts as spent XP towards rank advancement.


The Cleansing of the Luna’Saad follows the same principle. Divis can roll once per session a percentile dice. Threshold is the total amount of XP spent on this project so far divided by 500. Nothing happens if the roll is failed.


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