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The Praedor Librarium

The Story So Far

  • Found the Dread Pearl using an Eldar star map
  • Lost the Dread Pearl when the Eldar arrived and closed off the planet behind a Warp Storm
  • Survived being waylaid in the Eye of Terror
  • Established a colony on Dross
  • Visited Solace in the Calixis System by following a star map given by the Queen of Dross
  • Survived an encounter with Necrons in a dimensional bubble discovered beneath the surface of Solace
  • Contracted by the Ecclesiartes to commission a Fleet to explore and colonize the newly discovered Handar Expanse.
  • Established a colony in the Rizus System, but later got chased by a Rak’Gol fleet.
  • Made contact with a local eldar psyker, Badab Ra who had been in stasis for hundreds of years. Recovered the Hollow Atlas from a Yu’vath maze city on her behalf.
  • Explored an unnamed, abandoned human settlement, a mining outpost overrun by Hrud, strange xenos with some warp abilities to teleport, age objects and living beings around them, and change into gaseous form. We took three of them as passengers, and are not sure how to get rid of them now.
  • Joined forces with the Eldar to take on the Chaos-infested Eldar Craftworld Luna’Saad, which was threatening to cut off the whole Koronus expanse.

Planets / Places Visited

Trade Routes.

  • Established a trade route for Archeotech Bolters from Zayth to Solace


Endeavors / Tasks

  • Rescue Warp Weavers Mother
  • Explore the Handal Expanse further.
  • The Gene Seed — Done
  • Kasballica – Mission — Mostly done.
  • Take down the G.E.
  • Restore the Luna’Saad into working order

Campaign and Endeavor Rules

Rogue Trader Dynasty

  1. Lord Commodore Ullyses Laertedaes Praedor, Rogue Trader
  2. Rank 2 Engineseer Prime Divis, Explorator
  3. Rank 3 Master of Ordinance Malcolm Reed, Arch-militant
  4. Rank 3 Choir-master Telepathica Brother Lazarus Krinch, Astropath Transcendent
  5. Rank 4 Ship’s Confessor Brother Maleo, Missionary
  6. Rank 4 Purser Winter, Seneschal

Former or retired members

Master Helmsman Volo Volus, Lord-Captain of The Nona
Master of Ordinance Dante, Arch-militant, retired
Warp Guide Zoltan Visscher, deceased
Astropath Transcendent deceased


  • The Vesta Exorcist-class Grand Cruiser, Battlefleet Praedor flag-ship
  • The Minerva Dictator-class Cruiser, Praedor flag-ship
  • The Zelos Tempest-class frigate,
  • The Nona Loki-class Q-ship transport, currently supporting Dross colony mission
  • The Morta Vagabond-class merchant, currently on Zayth trade route mission
  • Two light cruisers (Three lost in the battle with the Chaos fleet)
  • Four frigates (one lost)
  • Three transport / colony ships. (One lost in the warp, one supporting Rizus Prime colony)
  • The Holy Roller — Missionary ship
  • The Celestial Provender — Raider hull, Black Ship of the Adeptus Astra Telepathica.
  • Adeptus Mechanicus ship
  • Salvaged Scout ship

Systems, Sectors and Segments




  • Abel Gerrit – Neutral
  • Hadarak Fel – Neutral
  • Charlabelle Armelan – Hostile Lost on the Dread Pearl
  • Jeremiah Blitz – Neutral
  • Lord Admiral Bastille the Seventh – Ambivalent
  • Lady Sun Lee – Neutral Died in the Processional.
  • Baron Djanko Scourge – Neutral
  • Krawkin Feckward – Ambivalent
  • “Xeno Faction?” – Neutral

Other Allies

Other Enemies

  • The Eldar – All of them. Or not quite any more.

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