Tag: NPC


  • Karrad Vall

    Karrad Vall’s name is a dark curse on those who have ventured into the Koronus Expanse. No one has ever seen him, but the barbed prows of his ships and the baying of his scarred warriors are enough to have caused captains to scuttle their craft rather …

  • Badab Ra

    Eldar Warrior Badab 'Ra has been in stasis for around ~1000 years on Rizus secundus, near an abandoned Yu'vath colony. She was there searching for an artefact known as the [[Hollow Atlas]], containing the soul of an ancient Eldar Farseer .

  • Annarette

    Also know as The One, Empress Annarette the First. Annarette was the daughter of the God-Emperor of Mankind, probably born in early M31, before the Horus Heresy. She is the only known female offspring of the Emperor. She has strong psychic ability as …

  • Farseer Kale

    Farseer Kale is the leader of the Edar Stormcrows. He is a little bit green because he did not get to lead the assault on the Luna'Saad, but otherwise happy with the result.

  • Warp Reaver

    Warp Reaver is the biological son of [[:lord-high-admiral-ulysses-laertedes-praedor | Ulysses Praedor]], before the area of space claimed by the Praedor fell to a warp-storm. The child and his mother fell captive to a Daemon lord and were tortured and …