The Eldar Star Map

An ancient Eldar Star Map showing the way to find the web way to the Dread Pearl


Located on Quppi-PSI-12 , the ancient Eldar Star Map has been partial work away of the millennium that have passed. It should show the way to the Dread Pearl, but instead, where the path out to be…is no information.

However 5 “nexus” points are shown on the map, that once visited, should (through the skills of a Navigator, Time, Space, Trigonometry and the Will of the God Emperor .) show where the Eldar Web way lies that will allow passage to the Dread Pearl.

The five Nexus Points, appear to lie in an area called the “Heathen Words” an area of space that lies on the very edge of the Galaxy. A place where few travel and even fewer return, a place where the Astronomican grows dim! The fate of ships is far from the safety of the hands of the God Emperor in this realm, and squarely in the hands of their Navigator.

The nexus points are situated (as best can be estimated at this time)

  1. Dross, a planet with storms so wild they reach beyond the surface into space itself!
  2. Vaporius, a planet of high peaks, deeps valleys of dust and towers of sub baked glass
  3. Zayth, a war blasted planet
  4. Deep Interstellar Space, near an unnamed Gas Giant.
  5. Beyond an Eldar gateway give the name “Gateway of the Damned”

Data is vague and likely many years out of date.

Fortune Favours the Fast!


The Eldar Star Map

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