Warp Reaver

Daddy? Where are you, daddy?


Appears as an ordinary 10-year old kid, but commands a gigantic Chaos ship of unknown class or specification.


Warp Reaver is the biological son of Ulysses Praedor, before the area of space claimed by the Praedor fell to a warp-storm.

The child and his mother fell captive to a Daemon lord and were tortured and corrupted for thousands of years in Chaos space, although only 10 years elapsed in normal space. In that time, the child’s power grew together with his corruption, and he seems to have become some kind of Chaos lord himself.

After tracking down his father during the quest for the Dread Pearl, Warp Reaver made himself known and demanded that his father venture into Chaos territory to rescue his mother.

Warp Reaver

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