Lord High Admiral Ulysses Laertedes Praedor, Prefect of the Handar Expanse

Rogue Trader of the Praedor Dynasty with the Darksider trait


Tasked by the Cannoness Superior Arabella to travel through the Maw and explore the recently ‘discovered’ Handar Expanse, the Praedor Dynasty was given sufficient resources to assemble an expeditionary fleet. The mission was to explore the expanse and establish colonies to Mankind there.

Traveling through the Maw, the journey was found to be the most peaceful and least hazardous trip through the Warp ever experienced by any of the approximately 790,000 crew of the fleet.

Venturing through the void, several systems were explored, all found to be without habitation or habitable worlds. Eventually, the fleet stumbled upon a system with at least one planet that could host life and another with the relics of a lost human settlement close to where a “Maze City” of the Yuvath was found. A colony was soon established on the former and dubbed Ithaca. The Kroot were landed elsewhere on the planet (dubbed Risus Prime) to establish contact with what appeared to be others of their ilk living in the woods.

Outside the Maze City the human mining complex was discovered to be very old and contain a prometheum well, but before a better survey of the place could be made an overwhelming force of Rak’gols attacked and drove the Praedor dynasty from the surface. Afterward, our Astropath-Transcendant made contact with a psychic presence felt upon the surface who turned out to be an Eldar who had waited long for allies to help her. In return for Praedor’s help, she revealed an astrolabe that gave us a star-map to the Handar expanse and the location of the human homeworlds within it.

Soon the Eldar contacted us again and recruited us to recapture one of their Craft Worlds which would otherwise bring about the destruction of human civilization. This was done though not without the cost of 4 ships of the fleet and with them 45% of the crew population. However, the Craft World was won and in control of the Praedor Dynasty. As a result, Ulysses dubbed himself Lord High Admiral and Prefect of the Handar Expanse.

Lord High Admiral Ulysses Laertedes Praedor, Prefect of the Handar Expanse

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