Brother Lazarus Krinch

Grizzled and scarred veteran Astropath


Often likes to walk around the ship in his own Imperial Navy armor, scarred and pitted from campaigns across a dozen worlds.

Lazarus was had already lost half his left ear to a ’Nid’s claws, now he lost the other and got burns on most of the right side of his face and body during the fight with Karrad Vall. This hasn’t improved his ornery disposition.


After serving a full tour in the Imperial Navy’s 117th Calixian Heavies, Lazarus has been looking for opportunities to settle down into a comfortable retirement. Signing up with an up and coming Rogue Trader House could be a shortcut to riches for him.

On Pyr colony, the local psykers have severed Lazarus’ Soul Binding, freeing him of the God Emperor’s spying.

Brother Lazarus Krinch

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