A New Expanse, Ancient Secrets

Follow the adventures of Rogue Trader Ulysses Praedor and his crew of misfits as they explore the unknown Handar Expanse and reveal a conspiracy dating back to the founding days of the Imperium of Man.

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The God-emperor is dead, the Black Crusade driven off, for now. A new Empress is consolidating her shaky throne. Many gave their lives for and against her. Holy Terra is now shared with the Necrons, the most unlikely of allies. Pockets of civilization subsist around Terra and the Pyr system, but the rest of the galaxy is now lost to humanity, long distance warp travel made impossible.

It will take many ages for the decimated, but now unrestrained Adeptus Mechanicus, and the new order of free psykers to reclaim what was lost. And who knows what perils await us until then.

As Lazarus, the sole survivor of the party contemplates the ashes of a Galactic Empire, it is time, for now, to turn the page on this campaign.

The Legacy.

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