Mk 2 J Drive

Far from the light of Terra, navigation becomes ever more dangerous, the chance for losing ones way in the warp grows ever greater. A select team within the Adeptus Mechianicus have “developed” a point to point drive system from old plans located in a dusty data archive.

The process is simple, fuel up the engine, decide how far to Jump…and Jump.

The Mk2 , is so called because it can safely jump 2 Solars (aka hexes) in one Jump, it can also be pushed to jump 3…with some risks.

The Tech

The Mk2 J Drive costs to 2 SP on any type of ship
The Mk2 J Drive uses 1 Space per 25 Mega Tonnes of the ship (rounded up)
The Mk2 J Drive uses fuel as follows
- Jump 1 Solar = 4 Fuel Units
- Jump 2 Solars = 6 Fuel Units
- Jump 3 Solars = 7 Fuel Units
Ships can store 10 Units of Jump Fuel in Per Ship Space dedicated to Fuel Storage
Fuel is collected from most Gas Giants and processed by the relevant Ships

The Jump

Prior to a jump the ships Navigator decides how far the jump will be and plots the jump

Pilot Takes Pilot Check at -10% per Solar Jumped beyond the first
Navigator Takes Navigation Check at -10% per Solar Jumped beyond the first

Check for combined success / failures.

Success : each degree of success allows one extra ship to tag along the lead ships path without needing to take a check
Failure : Results in a roll to randomly exit the Warp in the wrong Solar. Each degree is a d6 roll and the arrival solar changed in that direction. (Roll is done in secret by GM)

Failure on Jump 3 : Has a 10% chance of a critical failure per degree of failure
1-4 – Engine Blows prior to Jump – Engine Destroyed, Engine crew killed, ship vents fuel and atmosphere
5-7 – Engine Blows in Jump – Ship exits in the Warp…..generally destroyed unless it is the PC ship.
8-10 – Exits at random with 6 * d6 exit rolls

Solar Scan

Ships can scan for information on other Solars (Hexes) before they jump or for general info. Only one check is allowed, using the best ship for the job. test using standard Rules

Base -30%
Per Solar Distance -20% beyond the first.

Success = Faint info detected from electromagnetic emanations if any.
1 Degree of Success = Presence of Star Detected
2 Degree of Success = Presence of Solar Bodies (Present , not number)
3 Degree of Success = Presence of Radio Communication if Any
4 Degree of Success = Number of Solar Bodies and any Large Gas Giants
5 Degrees or more = 50+ MT Ships if Present, Solar anomalies (such as artificial bodies) and all of the above

Astropathic communication can be tested for as per the standard rules.

Not quite . I’ll update here when i get back home with the full details. In short though power requirement is 1 per 25 MT rounded up, space used is a fixed 2 forvthe J Drive. fuel use is based on jump distance, fuel takes up one space per 10 units, and needs to be collected from gas giants

Mk 2 J Drive

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