A planet shrouded in a permanent storm that reaches outside the atmosphere, also the site of an Eldar star-map. The star map was damaged in ancient times, resulting in a rift in the local warp that pours energy into the storm. A powerful psyker at the site of the star map can temporarily create an opening in the storm, or even calm it altogether.

The planet is nonetheless habitable, as the lower atmosphere is mostly calm, and countless wrecks of shuttles and landing crafts spot the surface, as well as ancient pillars of a lost civilization.

May be worth a second visit to:

  • Cement our alliance with the local psyker Queen and obtain salvage rights to the planet
  • Install a small outpost for trade of salvage with the locals (food and basic tech items)
  • Investigate the other ruins and ancient pillars that litter the planet.

Update: Dross is now operating as a House Praedor Colony.


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