Master of Ordinance, Malcolm Reed

Gun Boy


Home World: Forge World
Birthright: Stubjack
Lure of the Void: Criminal, Wanted Fugitive
Trials and Travails: The Hand of War
Motivation: Fortune


Born on a forge world, Malcolm grew up surrounded by industry and technology. But coming from a family of meager means, Malcolm did not have the opportunity to study and explore the technology around him. Rather, he fell in with gangs and violence at an early age and as he grew, his fascination with technology leaned more and more towards weapons tech.

Eventually, he joined a criminal gang of burglars who performed heists on any objects of value, be it art in private homes, industrial secrets in offices, sacred relics in temples, forbidden tech in vaults…anything. No targets were off-limits. Malcolm did not possess the subtlety or finesse to perform the actual heists. But rather, he acted as the lookout and getaway gunman on the rare occasion an alarm was tripped and the local authorities came crashing down on a heist gone wrong.

The gang met with great success and took bigger and bigger (and riskier) jobs. The gang was then tipped off to a cache of rare xeno-tech weapons seized and impounded in an Adeptus Arbites vault. The lure of a massive payoff was too great to ignore but this job was far beyond the gang’s abilities. Most of the gang members perished in the ensuing shoot-out and the survivors, including Malcolm, fled off-planet as wanted fugitives.

Jumping from planet to planet by whatever means available to him, Malcolm eventually found respite on a distant frontier world with no Imperium presence. There he found work as a guardsman fending off dangerous local fauna, protecting the human settlements. It was not profitable and not to Malcolm’s liking, at least not in the long run. But it was simple work and he found acceptance and brothers-in-arms on this world without the need to constantly look over his shoulder for fear of police or rival gang members. It was a period of peace and stability but it was brief.

A couple years after his arrival, the Imperium of Man re-established warp navigation to the frontier world and promptly decided it was time to bring the world back into the fold. The resulting war against the Imperial Guard did not last long. Malcolm fought with his brothers but it was a hopeless battle and when his experience as a criminal on the run exposed a chance for escape, he kept fighting until the last possible moment before making his escape. The rest of the militia was slaughtered without mercy, even those who willingly surrendered.

Once again on the run, Malcolm decided to head for the edges of Imperium space to seek a place remote and distant from Imperial authorities where he can also begin building a fortune. Brothers and friends are nice but in his experience, they die soon enough. What Malcolm requires is great wealth to survive. His underworld contacts advised him to seek out Vladim Tokara who operates out of Footfall in the Koronus Expanse. Apparently, Vladim Tokara is well-connected to rogue traders who can use a man such as Malcolm. And more importantly, rogue traders pay well…very well.

Master of Ordinance, Malcolm Reed

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