Karrad Vall

The Faceless Lord


Karrad Vall’s name is a dark curse on those who have ventured into the Koronus Expanse. No one has ever seen him, but the barbed prows of his ships and the baying of his scarred warriors are enough to have caused captains to scuttle their craft rather than be taken before Karrad Vall, the Faceless Lord. Some whisper that Vall was once an Adept of the Munitorium, a former tithe-master swayed and fallen to the lure of the Dark Gods, whilst others claim he was once a trusted admiral of Battlefleet Calixis. What is known is that Karrad Vall braved the Maw in 794.M41 and promptly established his intent by shelling Footfall and engaging Calligos Winterscale in battle. His small fleet tore through the defenses arrayed against them. As Vall departed, he cast several last taunting messages in his wake before disappearing without a trace for the next decade.

The ships of Karrad Vall are a brutalized selection of Imperial ships taken in raids or pulled as hulks from the void and refitted, and steered by the craft of vassal sorcerers and powerful daemons pacts. Each of the Reavers of Karrad Vall owe loyalty to him above all, but the Dark Gods and the punishments for treachery are as terrible as a dedicated servant of Chaos can devise. So far all of the Reavers’ actions have been aimed at gaining resources to expand Vall’s pirate fleet: ships, weaponry, and slaves. With each successful raid on ships in the Expanse, the danger posed by these jackals of the void becomes greater.

Also, we killed his ass.

Karrad Vall

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